Vogue 9253: THAT dress with the plunge

If you have been on Instagram at any point in the last few months you are sure to have seen many versions of this dress. I loved it instantly when I saw Kyra Prossers version but dithered about it getting it for so long. Would the plunge be too low? Would the kimono sleeves make my arms look massive? Would the length make me look short? I eventually decided that if I’d spent half the time making the dress as I had dithering about it I’d have made 4 already so I might as well buy it, and I, so glad I did.

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Making friends when you’re a baby-adult

For the first couple of decades in our lives the friends we make are determined by the educational route we take. We might go to nursery, school, college, university and apart from a few extra-curricular activities or family friends we have to find our friends within a small group of people.

But what happens when we go out into the big wide world and have to make our own way? How are we going to find those people who will laugh with us, cry with us, brunch with us, drink with us and stroke our hair whilst we are watching Queer Eye for the 14th time whilst regretting that round of Jägerbombs the night before?

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Sew Over It Men’s Tie: A waste of tie-me

I honestly don’t know where to begin this post. I feel lost, disappointed and dare I say it… betrayed. I’m never usually one for negativity on my blog and I try to see some good in every pattern I make but this one? I would be lying if I said there was anything about it that I’d recommend.

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