My top 5 sewing patterns of 2018

Whilst perusing YouTube and blogs over the winter break I have come across a fair few round ups of favourite beauty products/ fashion items/ books etc and I thought it would be fun to do my own version featuring my favourite makes this year. I’ve made a lot more items than I thought I would this year (of which you can find a full list at the end of this blog post) and whilst some have been questionable at best, there have also been some I have absolutely loved.

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Make 9 2018: the round up

And so the year comes to an end much how it began – with me sitting in bed looking at the dreary weather and tapping away at my ipad wondering where the time went. It seems only yesterday that I was a baby-fresh sewist excitedly planning my make 9 2018 list, and by planning I mean going “OMG THAT LOOKS CUTE I WANNA MAKE IT!” and sticking it on the list with no further thought. One thing that is evident from my choices is that I didn’t know much about sewing, or even about my own style.

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Sew Over It Camille Jumpsuit: The make that changed things

Since making this jumpsuit I have had a few unusual ‘compliments’.

  1. You are autumn (from my boyfriend)
  2. You look like a smart but sexy Santa (from a friend)
  3. I haven’t seen one of those since the war (from my grandma)

To be honest I’m pretty ok with all of these comments. So if you are wanting to make the Camille jumpsuit and feel like an autumnal white-bearded land girl then read on.

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